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I have a passion for art, photography, nature and science. Through construction, deconstruction, light and shadows, I use plants, flowers and nature as my muse and models. Each petal, leaf and stem is hand placed and photographed in a studio or shot in its natural setting with a portable studio set-up.

Some pieces form from an existing idea I have, a message I wish to convey. Some pieces sprout from ideas that come from the process of working with and examining the subjects. And there are some pieces that stand as simply documentation of the way I see the subject.

I find comfort in creation. There is a sort of ascension that takes place while creating and examining creation, where everything seems so simple and understandable. Where the trivial truly becomes just that. It’s an active meditation of sorts. In this, an appreciation emerges. An appreciation that tends to get bogged down in the static and minutia of our hectic world. An appreciation for life, for the ones I love and even for the ones I don’t and for the relationships between us. For the immense amount of knowledge out there and for the little bit of it that I might possess. And the desire for more. I destroy. I recreate. I document. I imagine. I repeat. I work with nature because I love it. Always have. I use photography as an avenue because I love it. I always have.


1st PLACE - PHOTOGRAPHY -Summerfair - 2019, Cincinnati, OH

WELLS FARGO AWARD OF MERIT - Gasparilla Festival of the Arts - 2019, Tampa, FL

INVITATIONAL AWARD - Oktoberfest - 2018, The Art Institute of Dayton, Dayton, OH

2nd PLACE - Flowers Plants and Gardens - 2018,

AWARD OF EXCELLENCE - Manatee Festival - 2018, Apollo Beach, FL

BEST OF SHOW - Pop Revolution, Flowers Exhibit - 2018, Mason, OH

INVITATIONAL AWARD - Oktoberfest - 2017, The Art Institute of Dayton, Dayton, OH

2nd PLACE - Arts in the Alley - 2017, Grove City, OH